Saturday, October 20, 2012

What Are Six Energy Vitamins For Women

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By Tom James

When someone is at the peak of her vocation, being worn out or feeble is one thing that she cannot afford to condone not at all. At this phase of a woman's life she is obliged to do a couple of stuff concurrently. Due to this, the likelihood of getting exhausted and shattered is very high, nonetheless, this should be avoided reason being almost everyone is looking upon her to deliver. This is the reason why energy vitamins for women are compulsory to women who are at this phase in their life.

Pressures from one's job and family require one to maintain high spirit all the time. The vitamins that boost vigor are often referred to as energy supplements. Their composition varies from one type to another but majority of them constitute of the following.

Vitamin B1 also known as thiamine is the first. It facilitates conversion of carbohydrates to energy in a process known as respiration . Inadequacy of thiamine in the body causes fatigue hence making it very vital in the body. Foods which consist high quantities of carbohydrates are the best sources of vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2 also known as riboflavin is the second vitamin. It helps in conversion of both fats and carbohydrates into essential energy. During this time, riboflavin ensures a smooth flow of blood into to the brain, efficiently supplying the brain with nutrients and oxygen.

Iron is important in the production of hemoglobin, which is a major constituent of red blood cells which is responsible for the provision of oxygen to the body tissues. Inadequate oxygen in the body tissues leads to fatigue hence iron helps to get rid of this problem. Women require much more iron compared to men since they lose blood all through their monthly periods, hence it is vital that women supplements should have iron. It should be noted that since iron is a metallic element, it should be taken in restricted doses since too much of it could have side effects such as feeling weak.

Magnesium is also an vigor booster. It helps in the production of ATP (adenosine trios phosphate). ATP is responsible in production of energy in the body. Magnesium also aids in prevention of irritability, cramping and fatigue

Vitamin B9 commonly known as Folic acid is also a vital vitamin. Mostly, it is prescribed to pregnant women so as to shun neural defects in infants. It is also responsible for the production of erythrocytes. Vitamin B12 is also amongst the energy vitamins for women. It also takes part in the production of erythrocytes.

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