Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Use Of Coordination Drawings For Construction Projects

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By Alexandra Anderson

It is very important for coordination drawings to be finalized prior to the start of any construction project. These drawings will provide a guide for the different contractors on how they should go about with the setting up and installation of the different parts of the infrastructure. This way, the quality of the output will be ensured.

Vertical and horizontal dimensions are going to be used for the drawings to show the different parts of the supposed infrastructure for construction. It will include all the fixtures that are to be installed inside walls and chases, inside and over the ceiling, as well as electrical and mechanical spaces. The drawing is indeed really important for the project to be completed.

Contractors are going to need the drawing for them to minimize confusion in the workplace. Electricians, for example, are going to refer to the drawing to see how they should install the wires and different electrical fixtures. On the other hand, plumbers will also have to make a reference to find out how they could install pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

It is quite crucial to create the right drawing, therefore, to ensure the total outcome of the project. After all, construction projects are going to require a lot of money to be finished. You should make sure that all of your money will be spent wisely. This could only be possible once the right plans have been set up.

There are certain steps that have to be followed. First, contractors need to verify with the authorities regarding the requirements for making the drawing. They will most likely be asked to submit a CAD file and a paper based hard copy for inspection so that mistakes can be spotted.

The process of drawing is not easy though. After the entire output is finished, contractors will have to submit their works to the authorities for approval. They will have to do discussions with the authorities regarding the methods they have used for the process. This will allow early detection of mistakes which will allow for the making of necessary changes as well.

Of course, when mistakes are spotted, authorities will ask the contractors to make the necessary changes. This will require contractors to prioritize regarding the parts of the drawing that they will need to change. They will require a great deal of critical thinking to be able to do their job with utmost efficiency.

Clients or project managers will have to be careful when hiring contractors for the job. Due to the demand for their services, many prospects already exist in the industry. It is very important for the clients to do comparisons by scheduling initial consultations with all of their prospects. This way, they will get to know better the contractors they are considering.

You should always go for contractors who are experienced, credible and customer oriented. Take the time to look at the previous coordination drawings they have done. This will provide you an overview about their expertise. Verify with the authorities too to know more the reputation of your prospects. Remember to ask for quotes and compare to find reasonably priced services. Consider the involvement of your prospects towards continuous education too to ensure you will be given up to date services.

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