Thursday, October 18, 2012

Remove Those Frown Lines

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By Morgan T. Laire

Botox Cosmetic has for years retained the title as the most commonly performed "non-surgical" cosmetic procedure in the United States, based on its ease of use and consistently good cosmetic results.

The most common cosmetic use for Botox is the treatment of the frown lines between the eyebrows. When you inject the frown muscle with an adequate dose of Botox Cosmetic, it stops moving. As a result, the frown line diminishes. The corresponding muscle can no longer contract. So, the end result is that it can no longer wrinkle up the overlying skin.

Don't Look Unapproachable

Again, the most common area of treatment with Botox is the frown line between the eyes. Botox was actually approved for frown lines in 2002 by the FDA. The high rate of satisfaction among patients being treated for frown lines is one of the key drivers of the popularity of this procedure. It relaxes the frown, and in the process smooths out the vertical lines between the brows that can make you look "angry" or "unapproachable", even when you are not.

Be Prepared for your Treatment

A healthy approach to any surgery requires that you be in relatively good physical health. Also, it's important to inform your doctor of any medications your currently taking to ensure there are no potential conflicts that could arise. Your medical history should include oral contraceptives and estrogen replacement, vitamins, and herbal medications. Remember, these can impact blood clotting and could increase surgical risk.

Patients should be aware of all aspects of their planned treatment. In other words, they should know very clearly whether they should discontinue certain medications, or even stop smoking.

Post Botox Procedure

Doctors recommend that patients take the following precautionary measures in order to achieve the best results:

- Before engaging in strenuous activity or exercise, give yourself 24 hours

- Do your best to stay upright for 4-5 hours after the injections

- Avoid massaging the treated area

- Be sure to practice daily facial exercises that your doctor recommends

- Sun block is an absolute must

You want to let the Botox settle, so it is recommended that in the recovery period, you limit your muscle movements as best as you can.

Lasting Power

Normally, a Botox treatment should last you between three and six months, depending on the treatment area and the severity of the problems. Though not as prominently as prior to the procedure, facial lines and wrinkles will start to reappear. At that time, patients may choose to repeat the process. Repeated Botox procedures will be lasting progressively longer with each treatment. As such, a patient will require fewer procedures to achieve their desired results.

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