Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Important Ways To Increase Mind Power

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By Morgan Lee

There are important ways all of us can increase mind power, none of which are that difficult to do. The following ways have proven over and over again to have a positive influence in the way our brain works.

You may exercise your body but do you take the time to exercise your brain. Sadly few do and worse even fewer know how to do it. Exercise your brain by introducing it to new ideas. Learning a new language is a perfect way to do just that. Move beyond focusing on your area of interest and instead learn and read about things that you would normally not care about. If your area of interest is carpentry then you should learn about topics in chemistry.

One great way to exercise the brain is to simply ask questions. It is not the actual asking of the question that works but rather the effect it has on your brain by getting it to work. A great way to do this is simply to ask why the sky is blue and work your way from there.

Time is at a premium in all our lives and one thing we often sacrifice is sleep. Now quantity is important but more important is the quality of sleep. You need a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep a night. Also when possible take naps, they have shown to refresh the brain.

Controlling the intake of oxygen has an incredible influence on your brain's efficiency. Mechanics know that a car needs the correct mixture of air and fuel to work. Well you brain needs blood and the best way to get it is to start breathing deeply through your nose for best results.

Clutter is not a good thing anywhere let alone in your brain. Your cluttered surroundings are not good for your brain either. Take a simple test by trying to do your work on a cluttered desk and then clearing that desk and working again, the differences are amazing. This same clutter includes your home as well, learn to declutter and be amazed at the results.

Your want to increase mind power can be had through some simple to do exercises. Keep in mind that the brain is a muscle and needs proper exercise to work correctly. Sleep is important, so try to get as much quality sleep as you can. A good way to clear your brain for better results is to take a nap. Declutter your work area and your home for a better brain. Deep breathing through your nose is easy and effective.

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