Saturday, October 06, 2012

How To Know A Real Man?

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By Brad Wilson

Some years back, it was pretty easier to define maturity. Many people found that they can easily purchase maturity. It simply means you now have your own home and your own car. Once you have these items, you are then a man.

On the other hand, the mark of a real man today is not that cut and dry. You may have noticed that the purchases with which men are measured are rather too simple for our current culture. On the other hand, these purchases can be made by almost every men which had made them insignificant in showing how mature a man is.

So what are the factors that measure maturity?

How To Define Maturity In Today's Economy

Volunteering- While we can no longer gauge the prosperity of our society with the economic benefits of purchasing a house or a car, there is one concept that does boost our economy, while at the same time defining our maturity: volunteering. It doesn't matter that you are volunteering your time, money or any other skill, it shows that you still care about the people around you.

The Family- Some time ago, it was a necessity to get married and procreate as the high infant mortality was a threat for human growth and multiplication. In today's world, what defines a real man is to be part and provide for your family.

Education- Some time ago, education was seen as a concept. It was something that many strove for, but not all actually needed. In todays world, this shows that you want to work hard and be an adult. It is true that formal education does not apply to all fields but to fields that it does, it could depict your abundance or lack of knowledge.

Style- 100 years ago, a pair of dirt-covered overalls and calloused hands were the mark of a mature man. While this has certainly changed, our society still looks at a man's appearance as a tool for deciding whether or not he is mature. In today's world of corporate culture, suits for men are often looked at as a sign of maturity. With mens suits, people will know that you are actually growing up despite the age. Confused? Consider for a moment what you think about when you meet a man in a stylish pin-stripe suit from Brook Taverner . You will probably think that he is successful, educated and mature.

Accepting It- In today's world, we tend to make excuses for almost everything. There is always an alibi and we always blurt out the first thing that comes to our head through our mouth. We find it difficult to accept our failures, mistakes and owning up to them but it is still the quality of a real man. In our book, a man that can admit his mistakes and apologise is worth his weight in gold.

Owning a house and starting a family are not the only factors that decides a man's maturity. In today's world, maturity is gauged on a whole new level. So, what forms the defining factors for you?

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