Sunday, October 21, 2012

Astral Projection Techniques

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By Vincent Lee

There isn't any guideline when learning Astral Projection is concerned. We all know that different people learns things differently. There are no right or wrong methods. To make it more interesting, you should try to make use of as many techniques as possible. Practice makes perfect. The key to success is to practice Astral Projection as frequently as possible. Many Astral Projection Techniques are available for starters.

A quiet and peaceful place is very important for those who practice Astral Projection. Ensure that you switch off your mobile devices and any other equipment which may distract you in the midst of your practice. Avoid wearing watches or necklace and try to wear comfortably and relax. Taking a deep breathe may also help the brain relax. Some people finds it helpful when the help of binaural music as it helps the brain to relax.

The first technique you can use is "visualization". This technique helps you learn about visualizing things around you without having your eyes opened. Then try to imagine that someone else is drawing a hologram of your face over it. Imagine the artist who is drawing the hologram is actually you and you are drawing the hologram over yourself. Try to be as detailed as possible. When finished drawing the head, continue with the rest of the body but don't be as detailed as the head. As soon as you are finished with the whole body we will continue to the second technique, known as the "dropping" technique.

While using the "dropping" strategy, you've got to drop the hologram of the body onto the ground. The hologram ought to fall little bit by little bit onto the floor along with the mattress you lay on. At this time you could potentially feel a little puzzled but don't be stressed out as it is very typical. Just try not to think about that. When you see the hologram on the ground, you could have to get started on lifting our bodies up on its toes. Lifting up the body is like how we help a child during his early stage of life. It is in fact a amazing moment to see these great power take place.

As soon as the body is lifted up, you may sense the tingling sensations. This is certainly a result of the power going through the body. Now you can say that you are under going astral projection and from right now, you'll be able to "take off" to wherever you prefer. There are not any boundaries in any perspective. However, if you discover it hard to get to this process of Astral Projection, there may be a further method you may use.

The next Astral Projection Technique includes listening to binaural beats. The beats assist the brain to take it easy and turn off from any distractions. The binaural beats consist of sound waves which helps the brain to carry out powerful thoughts. This technique is widely used by beginners and industry experts. A very powerful think about acquiring astral projection practical experience is usually to believe in what you are doing. The greater your faith, the more significant the experience will probably be.

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