Monday, July 09, 2012

Prior to Buying Online One Further Step Worth Considering

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By Daniel Turbin

I know you are in an enormous rush to get the newest thingamabob you've been reading about in magazines and seen advertised on TV You might already have been to a credible online vendor and priced them out. If that's so I am hoping you've also taken the step of checking out unprejudiced pro revews from unbiased review sites, rather than just relying on those ( often dodgy and unreliable ) customer reviews on the company's site. If not, do that before moving on further, but then, after you have done that, come back here and read below, because there's yet one other thing you may want to do.

Look, the base line is, purchasing stuff online isn't the same as buying something in a gigantic box store. Often ( like when purchasing books ) it doesn't matter, because you can read previews of the book online, and get nearly as good a sense for whether you'll like it or not as you could by flipping through the pages ).

With other kinds of products ( particularly clothing and electronics ), it isn't so simple, because if you were in a big box store, you might try it on ( in the case of clothing ) to be completely sure it fit before you spent your cash, or, in the case of electronics, goof around with it for some time to be certain it probably did all of the stuff you want or need it to do.

For that reason, if you are buying something like clothing or electronics where there's a tactile element concerned in the choice making process, I mostly suggest heading to the local gigantic box store to work out if you can put your hands on the whatever it is you plan to buy.

If the price is better online, great! When you are doing testing, and you have confirmed this is the right product for you, head back home and place the order online, but if you don't take that step, then you might notice that you're spending money on something you don't actually want, then have to go thru the trouble of attempting to ship the thing back and get a refund, and then start your product search over again from scracth.

It is not worth it. Spend a little more time on the front end to save yourself loads of frustration later!

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