Thursday, June 21, 2012

Choose The Best Server

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By Jack Wogan

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are dependent of computers and the internet. Every major system is controlled by a computer. The general idea is to eliminate human error by replacing the human element with a computer that can make millions of calculations in a second, a computer that works nonstop, never gets tired or hungry and never makes any mistakes. Because of the technology, computers are getting smaller and smaller every day and they make our life easier in our jobs and in our personal lives.

We can do pretty much anything we want with the right applications and through the internet. We can listen to our favourite music, we can watch movies, we can play games with others, we can chat with people across the world, we can keep in touch with the news all over the globe and we can access information about anything we want to learn and much more, all from behind a computer with an internet connection.

Every business relies on computers nowadays. To increase the efficiency, your computer is probably connected to a local network and there are servers that control the computers and the printers from your work place. You probably heard about servers and networks and shared resources but that is probably the extent of your knowledge when it comes to that subject. There is someone who has to know how everything works and that is the IT department. It is their responsibility to make sure everything works so you can do your job as efficient as possible.

Just so you know, servers do not exclusively refer to computers. They refer to computers and applications that control the network resources. You can have many servers, it all depends on your needs. You should have a file server to store in one place all your documents, making them available from any computer connected to the network. A backup server is never a bad idea. This way you know you have a copy of everything in case your original data gets corrupted. If you use and application that deals with databases, you should use a dedicated database server to deal with all the queries on the network.

Buying a new server is a big decision. You need to be very careful not to make a bad decision. There are many factors that have to be considered and they are all important. You should know if the server's configuration will meet your needs. If it does not, your productivity will diminish. You should always look for something that exceeds your current needs and that will allow future upgrades in case your business expands.

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