Thursday, September 20, 2012

Six Ways To Improve Your Chances of Getting A Job

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By Clare Westwood

The Top Six Ways To Improve Your Employability

When you are faced with the challenge of looking for a new role then there are things that you can do which will enhance your chances of landing your dream role.

Make sure you up skill as often as possible. This applies whether you are a recent graduate or somebody who has twenty years of experience under their belt. You should aim to learn something new each year, this can be done through reading books, attending conferences or embarking on part time courses.

Develop your attitude, often recruiters look at your skills and experience first and foremost but it is your personality that will come across in an interview. If you are polite and enthusiastic you are more likely to make the interviewer warm towards you.

Be sure to make the time to groom your CV and make sure your personal appearance says business. Looking professional and being presentable is extremely important as first opinions can make or break.

Always make sure your online presence is professional and all personal social media accounts are set to private. It is also a good idea to make sure all pictures of you are fairly professional, i.e no shots of you in swimwear or under the influence of alcohol.

Always aim to build up your list of contacts because the more connections you have the more chances there will be for you to gain employment. Having lots of relevant contacts can really help benefit you.

Try to do as much research as possible on the company you are applying for. Refer to company facts and figures throughout your interview in order to make a good impression. Familiarising yourself with the company structure is always wise.

If you take all of these tips on board your chances of finding a job will improve greatly. Good luck in your search!

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