Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion Nude Photography Training course In Monaco

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By Dan Feildman

There will be 2 fantastic specialist full time fashion nude models for you to shoot with my team of expert hair and make-up artist and stylist, to guarantee the models look and are styled to their best.

What this Fashion Nude Photography training course covers

* Spot finding

* Lighting techniques

* Setting up

* Guiding your models

* Learn how to produce a flow of positive energy into your own pictures

* You'll learn how to compose your images

* Work your photographs to fit layouts and pages of periodicals

* Learn to manage your digital workflow

* Clear up the mysteries surrounding colour balance

* Management of your image files

* Learn to make the most out of available and artificial lighting

* Find out how to use your meter to control photograph contrast and exposure

* Get the answers to all of those questions you cant ever find the answers to

* Have lots of fun and go back home with several fantastic images for your own portfolio or site

Fashion Nude Photography Course Team For each Bruce Smith Fashion Nude Photography Training course, he has his high calibre team of specialists working with him to assures that you get the best looks on the models for your fashion nude photography course photos and for great value for your money and time, they combine to offer the fundamental elements to make your experience the best it can be.

Fashion Stylist Our stylist is just one of the fundamental components of the successful team which will be making the exciting fashion "looks" during the fashion nude photography course. This vital role will add that dynamic ingredient to make sure that the images captured are unique to the class. Bruce uses his vast experience to ensure the correct stylist fits into his team to ensure the best results.

Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist Make-up and Hair styling could be referred to as the "icing on the cake". The creative and technical abilities of the H&MUA are key to the success of any fashion shoot. Bruce chooses his H&MUA for their creativity and their ability to deliver incredible looks quickly on the day.

The team has been built to help you get the best from the week and are on hand to answer questions and advise on aspects of preparation and shooting fashion nude photography. This means that there are many opportunities to tap into their experience and knowledge throughout the week. This interaction will only add to the benefit that you obtain from this fashion nude photography course.

Fashion Nude Photography Program Models We cannot produce wonderful fashion nude images with out extraordinary fashion models. Bruce only picks models that are full-time professionals along with suiting the particular looks that are created during his fashion nude photography program.


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