Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Popularity Of Invisalign New York City

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By Esperanza Galloway

Invisalign includes the latest orthodontic technology where a set of aligners are placed over the teeth for straightening purposes. This option has received increased attention as it allows for increased comfort and convenience among patients in comparison to conventional braces. With invisalign New York City patients are assisted in the development of a beautiful smile.

It is important to consider the properties the clear aligners can provide over traditional metallic braces. Conventional options have resulted in a large number of children and adolescents being criticized due to the drastic appearance of metal brackets and wiring. This has led to more individuals showing an interest in alternatives which are less noticeable and simpler to maintain.

The aligners are developed to custom fit the mouth of the patient according to a 3D plan. Each time a correction or adjustment is necessary, these aligners will be changed and required to be worn for a particular period of time. It is important for patients to understand that this is also a lengthy process and is largely dependent on the nature of the misalignment of teeth.

Patients wearing such aligners seldom report intense pain or discomfort. The orthodontist will focus on the nature of misalignment during an oral assessment and discuss whether such technology is an option for your needs. It is necessary to understand that severe cases of crooked, misshapen or missing teeth will not benefit from the aligners and instead requires metallic bracing.

The major benefit of invisalign is in the fact that this clear tray can be removed when eating or during cleaning procedure unlike the difficulty that is experienced with brackets and wiring. Special tools and techniques are often necessary for metallic braces in which a tremendous amount of plaque may build up and increase risk for cavities. The aligner simply needs to be rinsed and teeth brushed and flossed.

Contact sports often requires individuals to wear so called mouth guards to protect from significant injury. For those presenting with traditional braces, wearing such guards may be an impossibility. Wires and brackets also cause the development of ulcers and irritation due to the friction of the metal against the tissues.

With invisalign technology patients are provided with an alternative for straighter teeth. With invisalign New York City candidates presenting with mild to moderate misalignment, this option provides a convenient and comfortable option to create a dream smile. It is important to consider the costs involved in such bracing options for healthy outcomes.

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