Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pressure Points That Will Help Relieve Headaches

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By Michael Edgar

Use of medication is not always the best option to help relieve headaches. There may be a case where the medication may not be available and in other cases they do not work altogether. Some people even prefer not to use the drugs at all to treat their headaches.

Using certain pressure points to help relieve headaches, lets you get rid of the pain without relying on drugs.

You can use a few pressure points on the body to help relieve headaches and reduce the need to use the medication. Nobody really understands how the points of pressure on the body work but this is not a major concern. Many people usually concentrate on the fact that it can help them out to relieve their pain. However it may not yield the desired results to all those who try it out but it is none the less good to have information on it. It is a completely natural way of pain relief and better than any pain relievers.

If you realize that the headaches you have are getting stronger, are new or they simply will not go away the immediately seek the services of a doctor. You may have a bigger problem that is hiding itself although this is usually not the case in many instances but if this is the case you will need more specialized help. The techniques were not developed as forms of medical advice so do not take them to be that way. This you can only get from a trained doctor.

Five of the best pressure points on the body have been listed below so use them to relieve those headaches of yours

1. Mild pressure to your temples - Use two fingers from each hand and make a gentle, circular motion. Don't press too hard, as the temples can be sensitive. But try doing this circular massage for 30 to 60 seconds, and then take a short rest before repeating.

The bridge of the nose should be massaged with a mild amount of pressure. To achieve the best results possible, massage with your fingers the point at the top of the nose where the brows seem to meet. Be as gentle as possible with your massage so that you do not aggravate your headache.

You can also apply some pressure to your hairline. To be more specific the area that runs along the front part of the hairline. If you have a hairline that is receding or are bald then you need to picture where your hairline used to be and apply the pressure there. You should use the heel of your hand to massage slowly in a circular motion and this will help you relieve some headache types.

You may also use pressure and apply it to the point that is between your thumb and the index finger. At this point there is usually a skin fold. You need to pinch it very firmly and then rub it. Switch to the other hand after about 30-60 seconds at regular intervals.

The fifth and final pressure points are the shoulder blades. In most cases people go straight to the top of the shoulders. This is helpful but the best spot to go to is half the distance between your head and the outside of the shoulders.

By making use of the pressure points whenever you have any headaches you will not have to go running to look for medication or some other funny forms of treatment. You will simply have to massage your pressure points whenever the pain starts and you will relieve your pain. Remember these tips and use them at any instance you start to feel pain.

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