Friday, August 10, 2012

Dental Tips from Apple Valley Dentists

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By Joe Wilson

Apple Valley Dentists want you to know that dental health is important to overall health. If not for the health benefits many individuals are conscious of their oral health for the social benefits. A good looking smile and pleasant smelling breath are definite crowd pleasers. No one wants to have rotten teeth or the pain that comes with ignoring your mouth. Below are five important tips for great dental health.

Significant links have been found between those who have heart disease and those who have periodontal disease. Research has suggested that the bacteria originated in the mouth can affect the healthy function of the heart. This is a huge matter of concern especially to women due to the fact that heart disease claims more lives annually than all other forms of cancer combined.

Respiratory problems can be another area where poor oral health can affect you. The nature of bacteria is to migrate and spread to infect wider and wider areas of the body. A bacterium in the mouth is no exception. The most common first stop for oral bacteria is in the lungs. When the lungs are infected, breathing can become more and more difficult and painful. Naturally an inability to get enough air to the lungs will result in deficiencies elsewhere in the body and the bacterium can more easily continue to spread.

Removing stains through teeth bleaching/whitening is something that Apple Valley dentists do. Dentists can remove stains on the enamel of your teeth by using tooth whitening or bleaching methods. Many family dentists can use a bleach solution and a custom fit tray to whiten your teeth in the office. Cosmetic dentists can use the same procedure but also have the option of brightening teeth with a laser whitening system. Whichever method you use, the likelihood of improvement is almost guaranteed.

There are also definite links between periodontal disease and diabetes. In fact, almost 95% of those with diabetes also have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and diabetes have a downward-spiraling complimentary effect. The worse your diet becomes that more susceptible to both diseases you become. A diabetic who does not monitor his diet properly will only add not only to his blood sugar level problems but also to his oral health issues.

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