Sunday, August 05, 2012

Be Informed with What Tria Laser Hair Removal Is

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By Sam Peakson

Tria laser hair removal is intended for home use to reduce permanent hair on problem areas of the body. Professional laser hair removal actually costs more and will need more sessions to fully get rid of unwanted hair. This can rather be difficult and inconvenient on your part.

However if you buy Tria laser hair removal, you only purchase the product once and it can be yours for life. The product is proven safe for the skin as it has passed FDA standards. However, its lifespan will vary on the number of times it is used especially at home.

How much Tria laser costs? Preferring to use Tria laser is one of the best ways to remove permanent hair. There is no need to spend so much time and money. The product has turned very popular among users. And it should cost now around $395 (previously, it was $495). And rather spending so much on professional laser treatments, why not choose this product and experience great benefits. This is indeed a handy laser to use even right inside your home.

Who can use it? There is more time for laser hair removal when the device is available at home. Tria laser hair removal will ensure permanent hair reduction. However, the product is most suited for fair to medium skin tone. It also works for those having medium to dark hair. The device is not applicable for those with blonde, red, white or grey hair. It features a built-in skin sensor to detect if it is appropriate for the skin. This is a feature noted to prevent skin discoloration. If Tria laser finds the skin compatible, it will unlock automatically.

How to use Tria laser? Before you use the device, have the problem area shaved with shaving cream and a sharp razor. This should ensure hair has been removed to prevent painful treatments. Switch on the device and position it to beam through the follicles. The Tria laser hair removal should buzz when it is done on one area and you should move to other parts.

Once the first treatment is done, remember or mark the date. This should remind you when the next laser hair removal treatment should be. The treatment must be done once every 2 weeks for the first 3 months. The succeeding 3 to 5 months will have a single treatment per month.

Result after usage. Users observe there is more time spent on the device. Batteries need to be recharged every after 30 minutes use, which is actually insufficient for one laser hair removal treatment. But after six months of continued use, they noticed permanent hair was totally reduced to nearly 95%. Few strands of hair grew but not as much as it was before. With what they saw, users opted waxing. However, they insisted on waiting further to confirm if the device was efficient. And it really was! Also, usage of the product led to more updated models.

Why Tria laser hair removal? It is proven that Tria laser hair removal provides countless benefits. It is less inexpensive than the typical laser hair removal treatments done in clinics. It is proven safe and it guarantees best results for permanent hair reduction. So if you are interested, check the Internet for information. You can also ask family or friends who have used the product for recommendation.

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