Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are You Dressing Your Body Type? The Rules Of Stripes

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By Brad Wilson

A lot of men want to dress well to show off their unique masculine physique but they want to do this with more than a few solid colours. The problem is, many don't understand how to use patterns, so they are afraid the patterns they choose will come off as over the top. Is this you?

It doesn't matter what you are using; either a pair of chinos with a dress shirt or a suit for men from Brook Taverner, you can never go wrong wearing stripes. Stripes are as popular as ever in the fashion community and are a fantastic way to dip your toes into world of patterns without having to dive in headfirst.

While patterns are popular and seems the perfect step you need to take now, there are a couple of rules you must never ignore if you plan to make the best with them.

Rules For Wearing Stripes

Appear Taller- If you are short and have been seeking means of looking taller to impress those you meet, you can use vertical stripes. Stripes on your dress shirts and pinstriped suits can give the illusion of a longer body, and while this is only an illusion, the perception and impression it obtains sticks.

Width of Your Stripes- The width and weight of the stripes you choose to wear with your men's suits will have a direct affect on the way your body looks. For this reason, there are strict guidelines you should adhere to if you want to add extra pounds to your frame or if you want to avoid looking like you are adding extra weight altogether. If you are a big man, or simply have a few extra pounds you would rather not show off, keep your stripes relatively thin and close together. This will draw the eye up, instead of out. So if you are thin and want to add a bit of meat to your stature, you can use a wider stripes.

Using Stripes And Colours- The first task to using stripes is to choose which direction of stripe you need and the second is to choose the colour. Avoid complementary colours in your clothing, or those that sit opposite one another on the colour wheel. These can be a bit loud and aesthetically painful when placed on top of one another. If you plan to use a blue suit, don't use a dress shirt with orange stripes. It is better you use a black or gray shirt instead.

Using Stripes Together- It is obvious that many people oppose using two or more articles of clothing with stripe, but they can bring out your real physique if done well. This means that you can use a pinstriped suit with a striped shirt. However, if you do choose to wear two different articles of clothing with stripes, make sure the stripes are a different weight. It is important that one mix well with the other so they can work well together.

Want to start exercising your new fashion sense, but afraid you may use the wrong pattern? Consider starting out with stripes and following these simple rules so you always look your best.

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