Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Should Your Company Use A VOIP Phone System?

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By Frances O. Spinelli

Lots of companies, both big and small, are reconsidering their telephone and Internet options and using a VOIP phone system in their offices. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and uses a technology that makes phone calls by means of the Internet instead of using a traditional phone line. Making voice and video calls over the Web used to be difficult because of lower speeds and unreliable connections in many areas, but that has changed with upgraded technology. Because the considerable majority of modern offices already have a high speed Internet connection, it does not take much adapting to set up their infrastructure to make VOIP calls as well. How have some offices benefitted from making this telephony change and, if you are thinking about doing the same, what factors should you consider?

The price of a VOIP phone system is one of the principle reasons why they are becoming popular. Many Internet service providers have VOIP calling as an additional service; even if yours does not, many third party companies offer to do the same at a low price. Businesses have had to deal with steadily increasing calling rates from the grand majority of traditional telephone service providers, especially when it comes to international calls and other services. You have the chance to set up a personalized VOIP plan for your office that comes with the exact services you need without additional ones that you are charged for but do not use.

Another concern that business owners have is that switching from their current equipment to VOIP phone system infrastructure will be a costly investment. But modern companies that offer VOIP services have discovered a way around this issue; they offer all of the phones and other equipment as part of their monthly service fee. If you choose one of these companies, you will have the chance to make use of the latest technology that they offer instead of trying to cut costs by getting used or inferior quality equipment because of your tight budget.

VOIP companies usually offer basic training programs for your employees so that the change to VOIP calling is a smooth transfer. That way there will not be errors when the new system is installed.

Spending less money is important for all businesses in the modern world and finding ways to do so is not always easy. Putting your office on a VOIP phone system is one clever way to maintain excellent service while reducing costs.

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