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Electrical Connector

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By Chris Miller

Electrical Connector Types

To link numerous digital tools to a power avenue needs the use of an electrical connector. This features power avenues in a home to ports on a personal computer. These are a type of plug that is made use of with alternating existing and direct present. The type of plug that is made use of depends on the avenue or port for the hookup.

3-Prong Plug

This is grounded plug that is common for countless digital gadgets such as a pc or a hot plate for use in a kitchen area. The specific name for this variety of plug is a NEMA 5-15-P. The acronym NEMA stands for National Electrical Manufacturers Association. These connectors have two bladed that seated parallel to each other. The third prong on this plug is a round grounded pin placed on the bottom that will appear to be a triangle.

2-Prong Plug

A normal 2-prong plug is used with a common 110 VAC avenue. This variety of avenue is common in residences that is known as a NEMA 1-15-P. This sort of plug has 2 blades locateding parallel to each other without the ground pin. When looking at the blades you will view that one blade is just a little taller. Nevertheless, on an older style of 2-prong plug the blades are the same size. A 2-prong plug is made use of mostly with a 1-15-R or 2-prong mating avenue.

2-Prong Adapter

This is a plug that is created to switch a 3 prong plug into a 2-prong plug. Older houses which do not have actually grounded outlets will definitely require a 2-prong adapter. This allows for the usage of electronic devices that have certainly a 3-prong grounded plug. A ring is attached to this adapter that can be attached to the screw of the face plate cover of a 2-prong outlet. This allows for the grounding of the plug to prevent an electrical shock.

Extension Cord

This is a sort of connector that is made use of to extend the reach of a device such as a power device. One end of the cord will definitely have a 3-prong plug and the other will certainly have a 3-pin avenue connection. Extension cords can be utilized by having a 2-prong adapter to link a 2-prong, a 3-prong plug or to a 2-prong outlet. You can uncover this variety of electrical connector at any sort of equipment business.

USB Cord

This is a variety of electrical connector that is made use of to connect devices to USB port. You can uncover USB ports on your desktop computer or laptop computer. A USB port is additionally readily available for linking your mobile telephone to an outlet in your vehicle. This demands the use of an adapter that enables you to link a USB cord to your mobile telephone for charging.

Extra Info

The type of plug or connector that you need to utilize will definitely depend on your readily available choices. If you are not prepared for an incompatible connector, you will definitely have to find an answer. This can be done by going to a neighborhood electronics store to discover a spare cord or adapter. Examine the available outlets and ports for any of your electronic gadgets to ascertain the electrical connector that is demanded.

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