Sunday, April 01, 2012

Choosing A Suitable Office Uniform

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By Ilechukwu Magnus

We frequently hear the terms "image", "professionalism" or "first impressions" associated with the workplace . These are amongst some of the terms that refer to the quality of a company's product or service, its customer service levels, its pricing competitiveness, its refund policies or its overall ethos . But, because practically every company's image is projected by the staff who represent it, it is their attitude and image that reflects the business brand . In customer-facing environments, clothing matters a great deal while they are not quite so important where business is conducted by telephone or online. The office uniform is usually expected to be smart, professional and stylish but in general, depending on the nature of the business, clothes should be chosen for their practicality . It should be comfortable for the wearer and represent good value to whoever buys it.

Choosing A Suitable Office Uniform- The Office Uniform - Types

In broad terms, trousers, skirts, shirts or blouses, in full suit form or as separate garments from mix and match collections, are the main items that comprise a work uniform. While some companies require a strict and predefined staff uniform, others operate less formal policies, allowing staff to choose their own office uniform within prescribed guidelines . For instance, the guideline may require navy blue trousers and blue shirts for men and navy blue skirts and blue blouses for women . Alternatively, a more general guideline, which requires "smart business clothing", can offer greater flexibility. Clearly, a strict office uniform policy removes all choice dilemmas while the less formal policy offers the buyer a greater scope in terms of style and versatility . In either case, some considerations are the number of outfits, their style element and their care and performance capabilities . It is a good idea, as a starting point, to identify and stick with a supplier who stocks high quality fabrics, is passionate about tailoring and can offer invaluable style advice .

How To Choose A Suitable Office Uniform-Getting High Performance From Your Office Uniform

For example, because we are not necessarily our own best style advisers, a clothing expert will offer invaluable advice on flattering shapes and colours . To get the best performance from our clothing, we will need to decide on the number of garments to buy once we have chosen a suitable colour scheme and style. Generally speaking, we should not wear the same jackets, trousers or skirts on consecutive days . So, we are likely to need a minimum of three pairs of trousers or three skirts, five shirts or blouses and two jackets . At the outset, a further aspect to consider is whether we want our office uniform to be machine washable or dry clean only . Much of today's clothing is suitable for machine washing, which makes items more versatile and convenient to care for . This also applies to suits . However, following the maker's instructions carefully, and by using a wash bag if recommended, is important so that clothing items do not become misshapen or otherwise diminished during the washing process.

You are always sure to feel comfortable and look stylishly professional at work when you choose a high quality, easy to care for office uniform . What can a suitable office uniform do for you?

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