Saturday, April 07, 2012

The All-Natural Cures For Sore Throat That Have Been Passed Down The Ages

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By Benjamin Casanova

According to a survey conducted, the most prevalent reason for a visit to pediatrics is pharyngitis, which in layman's words is called sore throat. It is not that sore throat is life threatening but it is notorious for being annoying. People, who are the victims of sore throat, are more concerned about strep throat. To cross this out throat culture is done.

In 15% cases bacteria are the cause, GABHS being the most prevalent bacteria. Certain facts can prove to be helpful in differentiating between viral and bacterial sore throats such as the information that viruses, besides causing sore throat, also result in red eyes, cough, stuffy nose and extreme fatigue.

As per survey, virus is the major cause of sore throat, the reason being the contagious nature of the viruses that cause sore throat.

Sore throat can be extremely painful and uncomfortable at times. Different sore throat cures are present that date back to our ancestors, yet, each of them is effective even today. Immediate relief and comfort is what they offer.

In case of viral sore throats there is no remedy as the virus would leave the host body on its own after completing its life cycle. Antibiotics, however, are prescribed to the patients so that they would not contract any other infection.

Eating raw garlic, be it in salad or in your food, helps in keeping virus and bacteria of any disease away from you. Mucilaginous herbs that include marshmallows, blackberry and raspberry are effective in treating sore throat.

Much more effective remedy is the use of honey and cayenne pepper. For gargling add one tablespoon honey, four tablespoon apple cider vinegar, half teaspoon cayenne pepper and one tablespoon juice of lemon in a cup of lukewarm water. Sore throat is cured instantly.

Use of herbal throat lozenges is also an ancient cure much prevalent today. The reason for these natural cures survival even today is that they eliminate not only the sore throat but the cause behind it too.

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