Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's A Heart Murmur

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By Harriet Camps

We describe a heart murmur as a nonstop sound which you can hear having a typical stethoscope used by doctors. Heart murmur is created when blood passes through particular areas from the heart. The heart has 4 chambers. They are the two main atria's and also the two main ventricles that are separated by a particular kind of membrane. This membrane separates every from the chambers carefully.

This membrane separates each of the chambers meticulously. Heart murmur can trigger heart valve disease which happens when a valve doesn't work properly. If a specific valve doesn't open all the way, then there's less blood moving through the smaller opening. If a valve doesn't close forcefully, then the blood may escape from the back. These issues can trigger the heart to work additional difficult to literally pump exactly the same amount of blood. Or in worst case scenario the blood may back up in the lungs or body because it is not moving capably through the heart.

When we've issue using the valve where the valve doesn't open totally, we've known as this issue Stenosis. When it doesn't close totally or properly we've known as this issue Insufficiency or Regurgitation. There are some risk elements for heart murmurs. Some heart diseases are present in the time of birth, but takes a great deal of time to develop particular symptoms.

For example, an aortic valve is supposed to have 3 kinds of heart openings that come naturally but some people are born with a valve that has only two openings. So what occurs is over time as development occurs, a two opening valve may be much more at risk to calcification and contraction of the valve. So overall symptoms of these sorts are generally seen later in life of an individual.

Some kinds of valve diseases truly come from bacterial infection. Some comes from previous pain fever with heart valve redness because of a rapid movement of the heart muscle. With present day screening process for catching these infections and the fitting use of antibiotics medication, the risk factor from this complication has decreased considerably.

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