Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quick Intro On How To Make Jewelry With Hemp

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By Hazel Mieler

Before making something or anything out of hemp we all should know what real hemp is. It really is the fibers of the plant of cannabis spun into twine. Twine made of hemp like this can be used when crafting jewelry or other, related handmade products.

Hemp is quite well-known among jewelry makers simply because it really is surprisingly practical. Fairly inexpensive, it comes in an array of various sizes and levels of thickness. Dog leashes and gift accents such as ribbons are just a few of the goods that use hemp rope.

Necklaces are the one item of jewelry that are commonly produced since basically because they're the easiest to do and offer greatest retail value. The natural un-dyed hemp color still attracts probably the most attention and is related the most with hemp twine, but other colors also can be found.

The normal thickness of the hemp is 20lb or 1mm twine. But you should make sure to verify the evenness of the twine. Nowadays you can find hemp necklaces that deviate from the original all-hemp style; some will have beads, charms, and so forth., along with a couple of even have metal clasps, which the hemp purist may deride.

Having great macrame skills is useful when making jewelry from hemp since a great deal of the effort is due to making knots. It's these knots that make up the appearance of the piece that runs along through it.

4 separate lines of hemp are employed to create these knots. You just alternate one knot over another and for a pattern that looks like a double helix (or double spiral). You keep repeating the specific type of knot to create the entire length.

It is possible to finish off the jewelry with beads, buttons or tied knot clasps right up to the slider-knot or towards the aforementioned metal clasps.

Hemp can may be used to create many things aside from the standard hemp necklace from the ordinary to the unique.

Prior to making hemp jewelry, one should read one of the many books which are available for this specific art form. These books are available at a wide variety of book or hobby stores. If you're involved with making hemp jewelry it would be helpful to get books from your library which have directions in how you can do macrame.

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