Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Options In Choosing Your Queenstown Ski Hire

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By Scott Souness

There are a lot of options for you next winter vacation in New Zealand. All it takes is a little exploration to find the Queenstown ski hire best suited to you. With as many as a dozen merchants to pick from, virtually any snow sport can be accommodated. Choosing the one that is right for you will make your experience unforgettable.

There are ways to save money on your ski vacation. Look for promotional deals and discounts instead of just relying on advertised budget vendors. Choose a business that offers mid-vacation ski hire breaks over those that only rent consecutive days, or pick a service that offers a free day for consecutive day rentals.

You can find ski hire vendors who cater to families with children. Keeping watch for these dealers could save 50% or more on rental packages for kids. Some even offer the use of free helmets with their kid friendly packages. There may be special rates available for families, or super deals for equipment packages for children between ages three and fifteen.

Rental insurance terms can be a big factor in the budget, so make sure you understand what you are getting. Choosing to opt out of insurance could result in a minimum cash payment of $80 or more, no matter what the damage is to the equipment. Check for limitations to the coverage; most will not cover lost or stolen equipment.

A good way to protect your vacation budget is to be knowledgeable about vendor refunds. If the mountain ski resorts close, you will almost always get a refund. Many of the ski hire merchants will offer a refund if you are seriously injured or suffer a dramatic illness. It is possible to find a vendor who will even refund for delays or cancellations of flights. In almost every instance, refunds will depend on your ability to show your purchase receipts.

Different sellers cater to different kinds of snow sports. A few focus solely on downhill skiing and snowboarding. Others focus primarily on cross-country skiing and back country skiing. These are important distinctions to consider if you want to spend one day skiing and then snowboard on a different day. You will be able to put together a package that allows for that from a vendor who deals with both skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing the back country offers a completely different set of challenges, requiring safety equipment. Beyond unique gear sales and rental, dealers who focus on back country skiing often have connections to guides for hire available right from their store. These locations may be qualified to teach you avalanche survival techniques before you rent or buy your gear.

Mobile ski hire may be just the convenience you require if you are not one to wait in lines. They come directly to your accommodation to deliver, fit, and later, to pick up your equipment. If a one-stop shop is more your style, you may want to wait and rent at the ski resort.

If you choose a ski resort for your ski hire, you can combine equipment rental with many additional services. Professionals are available to provide lessons to skiers of all levels. Persons needing adaptive equipment or professional adaptive ski instruction can get both in the same place. Non-skiers can rent anything from toboggans to gloves.

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