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The Facts About Jewelry That Is Made Of Leather

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By Lori Mieler

As opposed to gold or silver jewelry, leather jewelry has its individual unique type of style and features. It's really long lasting, portrays a all-natural depth and warmth and while more casual than metals, it certainly represents just as much style.

Most people have the impression that leather is thick, hard leather bracelets with studs and spurs. In addition wearing any type of leather object has a connotation to rebellion and therefore it's likely that traditionally leather wear will bring to mind the connection with rockers and bikers.

This might have been so in the 60's and up to the 80's, but 20 years down the line, the association with leather has evolved from ducktail attachments to stylish fashion accessories.

What helps make leather jewelry so sophisticated within the modern day age is the uniqueness of each and every piece, irrespective whether or not it is a leather bracelet, earrings or necklace.

It's hard to come across leather jewelry that are produced by mass production and also the fact that you will rather find an individually crafted piece of leather makes it a really private and sort of boutique piece of jewelry.

Probably the most popular kind of leather jewelry are leather bracelets and its diversity stretches far beyond the biker sort of leather bracelet. Women and men's leather bracelets are manufactured from various exotic forms of leather for example stingray, python and alligator leather to name some.

Famous designs for formal ladies leather bracelets are thin strands of various types of leather, tied together with a fancy clasp with a strand of pearls or Swarovski crystals woven through the leather strands to add that sense of formality.

Informal leather bracelets for ladies include narrow bands with polished shells or semi-precious stones attached to each sides of the leather to produce a natural looking charm bracelet. Prominent leather designers possess a fondness to merge leather and copper or brass into their designs for leather bracelets.

A really famous stone to use with leather is tiger eye. It works incredibly well for thick men's bracelets where the tiger eye stone is utilized as decorative inlays.

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