Monday, March 05, 2012

Beautiful Party Dresses That Are Sure to Turn Heads

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By John Jones

You may have quite a few party dresses in your wardrobe, but I'm sure that you are always looking for some more. Maybe the dresses in your wardrobe have wrinkles on them. In fact, this has been one of the major problems with most party wear - they just crease without you doing anything on them. As many of you may already know, the problem chiefly lies with the fabric so if you want to stop worrying about your dress, make sure you are choosing the right fabric. That can be quite tricky though, especially if you are not aware of some important types.

One of the finest choices for party dresses fabric in this context would be jersey; a type of knit fabric which does not wrinkle under any circumstances. There are several similar fabrics available, but it is jersey that uses cotton, wool and other natural fibers. This light weight fabric will be the best option if you are going to wear a evening dress hire whose drape determines its shape. However, if you want something delicate and exclusive, you should be looking for cashmere. Though not extensively available, you can get cashmere dresses in a store near you if you do a little search. The fabric may be a bit down in terms of comfort, but it never wrinkles. In fact, the fabric is just ideal if you are going to wear this dress in winter.

Most of the natural fibers like cotton or wool are prone to wrinkling. Therefore, it will be a good idea to go for blended fabrics when you are searching for party dresses. The blends will offer you a lot of options. So, even if you are not very comfortable with synthetics, you can opt for a blend that has minimum percentage of it. There are fabrics that contain as little as 5 or 6% of synthetic fiber like spandex or Lycra. You can also opt for tight structured dresses if you don't want to worry about the fabric. These dresses don't wrinkle as well.

Formal gowns were readily available in sleeveless versions and with plunging, dcollet necklines. Strapless numbers came along a bit later as comfort and simplicity started to sell. Women wanted evening dress hire they could actually party in. They wanted to dance the night away in fun and flirty gowns that could be worn to multiple events.

Believe it or not, it's harder than ever for a woman to find the right dress for a specific event. After all, there were only a few dresses in earlier eras and dress codes were more clearly defined. When a woman received an invitation to a party at Court in Versailles, she knew exactly what to wear. But today, she must match her dress to each social occasion and event. Let us take a moment to review a few of the most popular dresses that can be worn to casual and formal affairs.

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