Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Can Cause a Yeast Infection in Women?

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By Glennie Behr

A vaginal yeast infection is illness that happens when the small amount of yeast fungus within the vagina raises rapidly. This infection not only brings about redness, swelling and irritation, but also can bring about inflammation round the vulva resulting in more repeated, and sometimes hurtful urination. Searching for the root of what may cause a yeast infection is sometimes difficult, yet here are a few possibilities.

Poor Defense System

A few days or recovering immune system typically results in a yeast infection in females. A poor defense system doesn't have the ability to fight of the fungus cells that the strong defense system has. Being ill, not obtaining enough rest, being anxious, eating badly, don't have vital nutrition, are all of the points that can result in a poor immune system and ultimately could be what causes a yeast infection. A wholesome and joyful lady will have a better defense mechanisms and less yeast infections. What Causes A Yeast Infection

Hormonal Alterations

Hormone alterations are often what can cause a yeast infection. Lots of women encounter hormone changes during menstruation that may lead to a rise within the yeast fungus. Many birth control also affects the hormone level and cause yeast infections. Women that are pregnant usually acquire yeast infections because of precisely how the pregnant state impacts their hormones. Many pregnant women even have yeast infections that carry on returning.


Anti-biotics are in the lead for what can cause yeast infections. Nearly all women will obtain a yeast infection immediately after a long use of an anti-biotic. Some girls will simply get a yeast infection while using particular anti-biotics. Antibiotics cause yeast infections mainly because while getting rid of all of the bad bacteria, they also eliminate the good bacteria, which will keep yeast fungus at hand. Though there's no way to avoid a yeast infection while having an antibiotic, there are many treatment methods available right after the problem starts off.

Yeast infections are common and sometimes not dangerous.

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