Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tungsten Carbide Rings: Hottest New Trend In Men's Jewelry

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By Rocco M. Kunze

Tungsten carbide rings and wedding bands are fast turning into the biggest sensation in men's fashion jewelry today. Rings made from the tungsten carbide alloy affords several advantages over conventional materials. These rings are lightweight but strong and durable yet reasonably priced. They look fashionable and stunning, but cost much lesser than rings made out of typical precious metals.

Tungsten carbide alloy is crafted by combining equal parts of tungsten atoms and carbon atoms. Solid tungsten carbide is commonly formed into gorgeous and spectacular rings. However, it is also possible to incorporate other materials to create a striking appearance. Thin carbon fiber made entirely of carbon atoms, is a commonly employed material in this regard. In carbon fiber, the carbon atoms are bound together in a microscopic crystalline configuration that runs parallel to the long axis of the fibers. This crystal arrangement makes carbon fiber rings tremendously strong and lightweight.

The use of tungsten carbide to make rings has many other advantages. Tungsten carbide rings are observed to have low heat expansion and high tensile strength attributes. It should be noted that they are five times as tough as steel and two times as stiff. Conversely, they only weigh about two-thirds the weight of steel.

This innovative material makes the rings extremely hard. In fact, tungsten carbide is comparable to sapphires in its hardness. Incredibly rough abrasives such as diamonds are therefore needed to finish and polish these rings. This produces a ring that is permanently polished and will always look new, even after years. Tungsten carbide rings are resistant to scuffing, stretching and bending. As such they make perfect rings for men no matter where they work, whether at a desk or on a construction site.

You can find these rings in a wide range of widths, styles and designs. They are great as wedding rings and are available as matched sets for weddings. There are many styles available such as engraved, beveled, textured, grooved, step edge, faceted and traditional. Exquisitely designed rings with masculine motifs such as Celtic, Greek key, striped, Argyle and Infinity designs are also available. Women's rings can also be purchased by themselves or as part of ring sets.

Join the latest sensation in fashion jewelry by purchasing a tungsten carbide ring. Stunning and classy, these rings make a long lasting and beautiful fashion accessory. Tungsten carbide rings can be purchased with peace of mind as they are offered with a lifetime replacement warranty that covers breakage, polish, finish and size.

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