Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pop Music Artists: Dancing To The Beat Of Pop

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By Dean Smith

The situation of pop culture today is diverse. Unlike before when you can actually place a name on music, the world is enjoying different mixes and breeds of sound that resembles past brand but in itself is unique. Basically, Pop Music Artists today have drawn inspiration from the industry of the eighties and nineties and came up with their own brand of pop culture.

Right now, the industry is filled with popular artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Rhianna. Even artists that have been around during the nineties are also present and active in the industry today, including Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and even Britney Spears. What is interesting to note is that most of the biggest earners today as the popularity of groups and bands start to deteriorate.

So what does this mean for the listeners? Right now, the booming pop industry is divided with listeners preferring specific artists rather than the songs. However, the songs that seem to keep hitting the top charts today are those with very catchy titles.

Most of the tunes and rhythms are easy to remember and even repetitive. More often than not, the best songs today are those that encourage movement or where the listener can dance along with the tune. A bit of technological feel is deliberately added in to provide sharp and futuristic sounds to the pop genre.

Of course, listeners today are not just looking for catchy tunes that they can listen to in order to perk them up. The lyrics are also a vital element that avid fans are very particular with. Listeners today prefer lyrics that they can relate with, perhaps something about heartbreak or even relationships.

Another vital element in pop culture today is MTV videos. With the introduction of the internet, the listening public is no longer just keen about hearing their favorite genre but also watching it. In fact, MTV videos have become such an important part of mainstream pop culture that artists invest heavily to make sure that their videos are excellent. In most cases, the video as well as their album are judged by listeners as one.

As of now, the pop culture industry has the biggest impact on people aged in their early twenties and younger. They are also the same demographic that has the most access to the internet where sound label is almost always available, especially in domains such as YouTube. This is possibly why most pop music artists today concentrate on marketing their titles online in order to reach the people that like what they produce.

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