Wednesday, February 08, 2012

New Xbox: Is The Launch Date Just Around The Corner?

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By Eli Gray

The Xbox 720 is one of the hotly anticipated video gaming consoles that numerous are watching out for because the launch of the Xbox 360 a number of years ago. However Microsoft is keeping mum of its future console and numerous gamers are anticipating that a news announcement might be made in the E3 expose later on this June.

Microsoft has publicly mentioned that the Xbox 360 will certainly have a life-span of up to ten years which implies the unveiling of the next generation console might not be offered till in 2014-2015. Of course Microsoft might be attempting to get in front of its Sony rival and delay the launch of the PlayStation 4 to preserve its huge market share. The trick worked well by having the PlayStation 3 launch so it is very likely that gamers will certainly not need to hang around long.

But on the flipside, Microsoft aims to extend the lifespan of the Xbox 360 since the gaming division has not turned on any profit since eleven years ago where they actually lost as much as one point two billion dollars. The recession also added problems that contributed to further losses as consumers have been picking out less games and the demand for the gaming may not pickup until this year or next year.

The current release of the upgraded Xbox variations such as the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Kinect was a brilliant move as Microsoft is gradually working behind closed doors to begin preparing the Xbox 720. The specs of the future console ought to make a substantial jump from the 360, which takes place to be seven years old. The 360 is presently using an IBM PowerPC by having a time clock speed of 3 point 2 gigahertz CPU and an ATI GPU.

Many the current specs from today's PCs and desktop computers will likely irritate a bunch of customers if the Microsoft maintains its trend by having its consoles. There is heavy speculation that the brand-new Xbox will definitely switch over from the typical IBM to a brand-new and effective AMD Larabee chipset.

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