Tuesday, February 07, 2012

How Does Clicker Training Work on Dogs?

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By Jean Cote

Clicker coaching pertains to a positive, effective and delicate form of dog training that utilises plenty of praises and woofer treats to get your dog to do what you want. It usually works associate a characteristic sound with certain dog rewards that your dog will need to get at the end.

In a nutshell, a clicker alludes to a little metal or plastic box that has a metal strip in it and can be discovered in practically any dog store. It is little and simple to hold and use. When it is pressed, it releases a special, consistent and clear clicking sound that often sounds the same. This sound is what is used to replace oral cues during dog training so guaranteeing that your dog no longer gets confused whenever you try to teach him something.

By putting a clicker to use, your dog will know precisely when he has showcased good dog behavior and he will know from then on out what you expect out of him everytime. This positive reinforcement and clear communication will also help your dog learn assorted dog commands faster. How great is that?

All you really have to do first is get your dog used to the clicker's sound. So , click it for a few days and give your dog treats each time you do so he will associate the emanating sound with nice praises and rewards. Ensure you don't hold the clicker too close to your dog's ears, though. The noise might actually frighten him if you do.

Yes, clickers are very effective dog training tools in the current day's time. Plus, they will help you teach your dog more complex dog tricks later on , as well , like getting the mail or wrapping himself in a blanket. The options are limitless and the choice is ultimately yours. Enjoy your clicker training!

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