Monday, February 27, 2012

Have You Thought About College?

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By Otis Trevor

Going to college is an expensive proposition, and to do it, you will probably need to make some sacrifices. Here are some ideas for raising money and freeing up cash for your college expenses.Sell stuff. That motor home or bass boat that you use maybe once a year can pay for a lot of college classes. If you have a second or a third car, consider selling one and maybe taking the bus more. You will be helping the environment, saving on a car payment and getting cash for college at the same time.

Federal grants are open to potential scholars regardless of your age. By filling out the grant application, you will be awarded grant money based on your income level and your financial situation. To qualify you need to have been accepted to a college or university, or be a continuing student in good academic standing. This application must be filled out annually, and the amount of your grants depends a lot on how early you apply.

Scholarships are also available, even to those who are long out of high school. Your college financial aid office will have a list of many possible programs, some sponsored by your school. This can include work study programs, corporate sponsorship and merit based scholarships.

While your financial aid office is a good place to start, there are thousands of scholarships offered nation wide, each with their own set of requirements, many targeting a specific segment of the population.Some are based on your national heritage, others on what organizations you or your family belong to. Some are promoting specific career goals while others simply want to help people in your community get back to school.

Scholarships are another way to get free money for school, but they can be tricky to find. Your college will have a list of programs that are either sponsored by or associated with your school, or which they have had a experience with over the years. This is the first place to try, as the financial aid staff can help you with the application process.By using an on line search engine, you can find additional scholarship programs in your community and nationwide that might help you finish your college degree.

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