Thursday, February 09, 2012

Finding a Missing Dog - What You Need to Know

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By Dirk Gruenberg

Anyone who has ever had their dog go missing knows what a terrible feeling this is. And, of course, immediate action needs to be taken to find him. This article explores several ideas that should help you do so much faster, so that you can hold your beloved dog in your arms again soon.

To begin with, you should, of course, search the area. Be as thorough as you can. Ideally, try to recruit other family members, friends, and neighbors. If they join the search party, you will have a much better chance. As you search for your dog, have everyone call his name cheerfully.

If you do not find your dog, create fliers and signs: Signs should be extremely noticeable and simply worded. Use vivid colored boards for the back ground. "LOST DOG" should be in very big black letters.

Depending on how well off you are, you can also include a financial reward for clues that lead to your dog. Also make sure to include a big color photo of your dog as well as a general description of him and your personal contact information.

Once you have your signs and posters all ready to go, you need to distribute them widely. Start where your dog was last seen and work yourself outward from that point. Using heavy duty glue or tape will be a good way to put the signs up.

You can also go a step further and even ask businesses to please let you put up your sign. This can be very helpful, too.

Another thing you should do is to contact all the animal shelters in the area. Who knows, your dog might have been found and brought there. Also contact animal clinics, and leave a description of your dog and your contact information.

You can also visit the shelters. If so, bring along the poster and leave it there. And last but not least, if all of the above do not bring your dog home, here is one more tip: Run an advertisement in the local newspaper.

Nearly all local newspapers will list a lost pet advertisement in the classified section for free. Furthermore, there are numerous websites that post lost pet listing and give tips for finding lost or missing pets.

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