Monday, February 20, 2012

A Brief Overview Of NYC Fraud Attorneys

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By Samuel Levy

It is bad that fraud involving the securities market makes it possible for perpetrators of the crime to make illegal profits that make the securities market a risky investment venture. It becomes important for investors affected by securities fraud to obtain legal help from an attorney who deals with solving such cases. This attorney will help investors get back the money they lost because of fraud involving the securities market from the people involved with the crime. Fraudulent activities involving securities are serious offenses and the people involved with them should get civil and criminal punishment.

Investments and securities are helpful tools for people who wish to put some money away and watch it grow into a nest egg which can be of benefit to the investor or help out a family member in need.

The word "securities" refers to both bonds and stocks. A stock is a percentage or a share in the assets and profits of a company. A bond on the other hand is the word for the money that an investor loans out to an organization or a bond issuer. The person who invests in bonds makes an agreement with the party receiving the money that the party will return the invested money with some interest after some time.

Securities fraud typically involves an act by an individual or corporate entity that is meant to manipulate the participation of investors in a financial market through willful concealment, or distortion of information. Financial markets thrive on and respond to various types of information.

Securities and Exchange Commission regulations specify these activities as securities fraud: Trading using information that is not open to the general public. Also known as insider trading. Intentionally keeping erroneous books or presenting false information. Generally defined as accounting fraud. Promulgating misleading or untrue information about a company, or its securities, to investors or to the general public. Known as misrepresentation.

The main mission of the SEC is to bolster investor confidence by disseminating information on companies and securities to the public. Additionally it monitors the securities market and performs investigation into indications of atypical market activity. The foundation on which the activities of the SEC rests is found in the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The spirit of those statutes still governs how the SEC operates today.

It is essential for those who exchange or sell securities to run their businesses with high levels of honesty and fairness. The foundation of these kinds of business relationships is trust and it is essential that all customers or clients receive reliable information always.

The organizations offering investment services need to be helpful and transparent about how their businesses run at the moment and the kind of investment products that they are availing to the public. It is the right of all investors to understand about the services products offered and obtain accurate details about them. With this information, investors will be able to make decisions such as whether or not it is good to invest in the product because they can gauge whether it can gain value or not.

If you suspect that you have been defrauded by an investment broker or other individual who has dishonored your trust or SEC standards you must seriously consider employing the services of a securities fraud attorney. Ideally the services of a securities fraud lawyer can help you recoup as much as 66 percent of a bad investment and your securities fraud attorney will only collect a fee for their services after your funds have been recovered.

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