Friday, October 19, 2012

More Americans are homeless today than ever before

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By Lonnie Hills

Baby boomers, soon to be joining the senior population need more health care options now more than ever; Did you know that people aged 65 and older presently make up 14 percent of the population, that's more than 79 million Americans that will be taking advantage of Medicare health services. It is estimated that physician office visits will rise 27 percent, prescriptions will rise 35 percent, emergency and hospital stays will rise 37 percent, and nursing home use will rise 92 percent and that number will continue to increase as Americans continue to age. In 2010, the number of Americas aged 65 and older was 41million, and that number is predicted to double by the year 2045, when this happens you will see the need for medical needs skyrocket.

As we all know health care costs are already at the highest rates seen in over 40 years so image what the new demand will create in addition to the need for more medical professionals; the demand will also increase for alternative medical centers who offer holistic medicine where patients who experience chronic pain can seek the care of massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors where the cost of healing pain could be as little as half of what traditional doctors are charging.

Did you know that more than 3.6 million people are homeless every night and 1.36 million are children; families with children represent 24 percent of the homeless. Today's homeless are not just ragged old men who don't want to work, the homeless population includes men, women, children and families, and unfortunately the number of homeless is continuing to rise. We know the economy is weak, and jobs are hard to find and although health care costs have risen in the past four years there are options, no on should go without health care or a place to live.

Altegra Health helps Medicare members identify and apply for State Medicare Savings Programs that can help pay their Medicare Parts A and B premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles. It may also pay some of the member's health plan co-payments. With Altegra's interview process with a Medicare Advantage member and the guidelines established by the Social Security administration (SSA), if the member would like help they may also qualify for the "Extra Help" benefit, (also known as Limited Income Subsidy, or LIS) under Medicare Part. D.

Health care clients also love Altegra's Wellness Continuity Management solutions which enables health plans to gain a deeper understanding of the health of their members and provider networks in order to bring together the right benefits, the right care, and the right reimbursement. They achieve this through a comprehensive and integrated approach to member engagement, quality reporting, and risk adjustment programs.

Whatever the reasons are, seniors are finding themselves in real financial turmoil and the situation continues to get worse year after the year, this trend needs to stop. Friends, family, individuals all need to have the courage to step in and make strong choices before finances are spiraling out of control and the loss of home and financial independence are taken away.

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