Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How To Fight A DUI

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By Dale Simmons

It's late and you want to sleep in your own bed. You think you are not too drunk to drive and get behind the wheel. Suddenly you're being pulled over and questioned by a man in uniform. He asks you to step out of the car, flashes lights in your eyes and instructs you in roadside testing. Now you're handcuffed, been read your rights and are on the way to the police station really wishing you had taken a taxi or asked a friend for a ride.

You have the right to an attorney? Of course but it's that expensive? Do I need a lawyer to handle my DUI case or isn't this going to cost me enough as it is? There are many questions that may arise at such an event and money is a big one. You soon realize that DUI laws are complicated, state-specific and ever-changing. It can be daunting to understand the legal terminology itself much less be proficient at interpreting it. Whats more, an attorney may help you beat or reduce the charge itself. Without a lawyer that is extremely unlikely.

You need a qualified DWI attorney in your state to understand the most effective ways to represent you. Fortunately your state has attorneys capable of handling any case in DUI law. So should you hire a lawyer for your DWI legal problems? The answer is that you can't afford not to! There are methods used in each municipality a lawyer will use to have your problems dismissed or reduced. Of course they also know the other lawyers and judges working your case, and that can be a huge asset for you.

Every state now has strict DUI penalties in place to prevent people from drinking and driving. How does jail time, probation, community service or having your vehicle impounded sound? What about losing your job or facing fines and court fees in excess of $6,000? Even for a first DUI conviction, you could lose your driver's license, have insurance coverage problems, have an ignition interlock device installed in your car or be assigned to take alcohol education classes at your expense. "A DUI conviction can also mean restricted interstate and international travel," warns Carl Dunn, a Newark DUI Attorney. What if you could avoid all or most of these penalties? This is why you need to find an experienced DUI lawyer!

Across the United States driving while under the influence is illegal. Police will test your blood, urine or breath and measure your blood alcohol content (BAC). All states also have implied consent meaning you have given permission to be tested when you obtained your drivers license. If you refuse testing you will be found guilty and can often face even stricter punishment. A skilled DWI attorney can check all aspects of your DUI case including the machines and methods used to obtain your BAC. If the methods used or the machines used are in question, your test results may not be admissible in court.

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