Sunday, June 17, 2012

What The Truth About Abs Workout Isnt All About

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By Andrew Tatiana

If you're anything like me, you probably think that you have the Truth About Abs workout figured out. You can see right through the whole thing and you've got not time for this garbage. Usually when something seems too good to be true it is and you haven't got the time or the money for a rehash of the same old stuff.

When I first heard about this book I was sure that after all the hype was over that people would be on to some other rendition of the latest, greatest workout that is supposed to give you spectacular results. I was in no hurry to jump on the bandwagon and start drinking the spiked punch any time soon. After all, what could be inside this book that I hadn't already heard or that I couldn't find out for myself for nothing?

Well, as often happens I had a friend that started raving about this book that he had read and how he was finally starting to see steady, noticeable results from his workouts. It became a little annoying and just like someone begging you to ask them about how they had been shown the light, I finally had to bite and ask him what his secret was. Yes, it was the Truth About Abs workout.

He cornered me one day in the break room at work and started telling me how I had to check this book out in one big, long sentence that lasted what seemed like forever. Now was the time for me to put him out of his misery. Now was the time for me to humiliate him in front of all our coworkers that he had been preaching to so I let him have it. I asked him how much he was digging workout out for hours every night instead of actually enjoying life.

He was a little annoyed but calmly informed me that this wasn't how it was. He told me that, indeed, if he had been told to work out every day that he would of if it meant that he could get the body that he wanted. He said that he had cut back on the number of days a week that he worked out in addition to the amount of time he was spending on exercising each week.

Ok, so I gave him that one. He wasn't working his tail off to the point of forsaking his social life and spending any sort of time at home. I was sure that there must be some sort of catch so I asked him how he was digging that new gym membership that he had to get to get those ripped abs. I had no desire to spend a chunk of change on some cool rubber bands that would get lost in my closet in a few months or a pricey gym membership that I wouldn't be using for the better part of the year.

He laughed at me again and explained that the Truth About Abs workout didn't require a gym membership and that the author actually recommended that you stay away from the gym. It simply wasn't necessary. There was no specialized equipment to buy, although my buddy had bought a chinup bar and some free weights once he started seeing results because he was so excited.

Now, all of this muscle wasn't coming from nowhere so I as sure that he was juicing to some degree. So, I let him have it with both barrels and I was sure that this would shoot some holes in his story. Creatine or maybe protein shakes were probably to blame for his sudden change. Maybe that was the key behind the Truth About Abs workout. I was sure of it

He assured me that there were no chemicals or additive either legal or illegal that were recommended by the Truth About Abs workout. He said that it was all pretty simple and that there was no need for creatine or any other sort of food product that was designed to build muscle. It was pretty much all natural. What started out as a desire to have a ripped set of abs had turned into one of the best things he had ever done in his life. He had the body that he wanted, wasn't working out as much as he used to and he didn't have to pay a boatload of money to get this way and it was all because of the Truth About Abs workout.

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