Thursday, May 31, 2012

Get Back With Your Ex Painlessly

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By Daniel Dalton

If you were dumped, then your mind is probably restless and your emotions are running high. Without a special plan to get her back you could be making a lot of faults.You will kill all chances of getting her back.

If getting her back is your ultimate destination then you should understand the rest of this article to get the low down on how to bring home the bacon and win her back.

First Things First

To avoid making any common mistakes after a breakup, you should first get your emotions in check. Many guys make the mistake of trying to get their ex back by purchasing new things or showering with expensive gifts. The truth of the thing is that this will just make you look more desperate and needy. So if you are guilty of giving her flowers, perfumes or expensive, pricey gift, you need to end it immediately. Does this make sense to you? Probably not, but you should just take it easy for now and stop this type of inevitable behavior.

Stop All Communication

What you should be doing is cutting off all contact. Yes, no contact. No email, no text, no miss calling. She dropped you for her reasons and you should honor that. Grant her the space and time to consider things over and don't crowd her. This will make her second guess the decision to breakup, if you are not always "around".

By giving her time, you can give yourself some time to think over the relationship as well. Remember, it takes two to tango and you played a part in the relationship, also. If you messed up and caused the relationship to break then now is the time to examine why you did, what you did. Take a long deep look at yourself, and figure out what you need to change for the better.

Are you an angry type with a short fuse? Possibly, you have no patience when it comes to what you wish for. You should consider analyzing your inner devils and how you can put a lid on your toxic side. There are many ways to put your energies into something more productive.

Do You Trust Her?

Do you have trust issues with your ex girlfriend?Maybe you had underlying feelings of mistrust of her and always wanted to know who and what she was doing. You need to look within and see if you are the jealous type and get insecure with any male figure in your ex's life. This might stem from your own self value. It might help to look try and boost your self value.

If you did, then you need to understand why you did it. Was there something absent from the relationship that you didn't realize from your ex? This will help mend a few things and help you work over this breakup to amend it or move onward.

What Doesn't Work

The truth of the matter is that the breakup is real. Now is the time to look within and find some comfort because there is no single reason for a breakup. You will need to put some effort and work to fix this situation. Saying sorry without genuine actions won't work to get your ex back. Women are complex and it is no easy fix. So take the time and learn the best methods to getting your ex back, no matter how bad the breakup was.

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