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Get Flokati Area Rug For Your House

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By Joe Sim

The expensive Flokati Area rugs have their origins in Greece. From the 5th century onwards the women of Greece discovered a remarkably simple way of increasing the warmth of winter coats and were most often worn by shepherds. By 1960 the same principle was applied to make commercial Flokati area rugs which became an instant hit with the people. They now occupy a place of pride in any room where they are laid and symbolize opulence and luxury in a room.

Only wool is used in Flokati area rugs. The wool undergoes special treatment to gain a luxurious body of hair. The price of a rug depends on its weight and generally the heavier the rug the pricier it becomes.

The unique texture and beauty of these rugs is a product of extreme conditions employed in the making of these rugs. The Flokati rugs first undergo severe treatment in rapidly moving water for 40 hours. This causes the wool in the rugs to fluff up. They are then dried under the intense heat of the sun. The dry exquisite Flokati rugs with their rich coating are then shipped to consumers all over the world.

Flokati area rugs were originally available only in their natural light colors. But today it is possible to dye them to any color matching the dcor of a room. The premium price paid for these rugs is offset against the reliability and durability expected from these rugs.

Wool from New Zealand is exported to Greece where these rugs are hand woven. The strength and natural cleanliness of New Zealand wool makes it a hot favorite of Flokati rug makers. Distinctive characteristics that single out the genuineness of a Folkati rug include the material used in weaving it and the method used to weave it. Hand woven woolen Flokati rugs are the trademark symbols of its authenticity. Imitation Floakti area rugs are made with artificial and man made fabrics which are generally mass produced.

Flokati Area rugs are simple to maintain and cleaning them are an effortless task. Resistant to dirt and stain they can be easily washed with detergents at home. Chemical cleaning agents are not advised for fear of ruining the texture and color of these rugs.

Flokati rugs stand out among all the other rugs in the market due to its sheer magnificence and comfort. They add a level of sophistication to the rooms while also providing comfort. They are absolutely worth indulging on.

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