Monday, February 06, 2012

Replacing A Lost U S Passport Is Easy

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By Ben Pate

A passport is a very important document. It is a federal document that allows an individual to travel in and out of countries. Without this document entry into a foreign country or even re-entry in a country of origin is very difficult. This is why if a Lost American passport is experienced, it is imperative to follow the proper procedure to get a replacement as fast as possible.


The first step in dealing with a lost passport is reporting it as lost and missing. This is only after all efforts have been made to locate it. Once a passport is reported missing or stolen it is automatically invalid. This will render it useless upon being found, but will also red flag it if someone attempts to use it. The proper authorities must be contacted in order to report it missing. Once this happens, then a replacement passport can be applied for.


A replacement passport can be applied for once the original is reported as lost. The application is similar to the application for a new passport. Certain documents as well as passport photos will be required. If lost in a foreign country, the embassy can assist in procurement of a replacement passport.

Loss Abroad

If a passport is lost or stolen abroad it can be quite a disaster. A passport acts as permission for one to be in a foreign country. If you are asked for proper documents by officials and you don't have any to show, you can be arrested and held until the situation is resolved. This is why it's so important to report a lost passport as soon as the status is known. This will guarantee a replacement and will keep you out of trouble in the country. You also will not be able to travel back without a passport; you may need to have a replacement passport expedited.


Expediting services can guarantee the arrival of documents in a certain time frame. These services are very helpful when it comes to a lost passport in a foreign country, as it can get your replacement to you quickly. These services are also helpful if you have an upcoming trip and didn't realize your passport was missing. Expediting lost passport services cost more and will add to the overall cost of a replacement passport, but in certain cases it is necessary. Private companies can guarantee documents quicker than federal, but their prices are steeper as well.

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