Saturday, February 18, 2012

Information On Lap Band Surgery New Jersey Specialists Perform

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By Lydia Carney

Certain individuals suffering from obesity may undergo surgical procedures to help them attain weight loss. There's one which is said to be the most minimally invasive of them all, and it's called lap band surgery New Jersey specialists carry out. Small incisions are needed and the operation is done using an instrument known as laparoscope.

The procedure divides the stomach in two, creating a smaller pouch on top of the other. This is attained by using a silicone device placed around the organ. A laparoscope helps the surgeon perform the operation by seeing everything on a monitor, so small incisions on the abdomen are needed to be created.

Due to this, there's minimal scarring to expect. The individual who has undergone such also doesn't require long hospital rest. Compared to other surgical options, the recovery period is a lot shorter. The implant is adjusted as the individual sheds off unwanted pounds. But this is done without undergoing the knife again.

The person is able to lose weight as the amount of food eaten is limited. Because the upper stomach pouch is very small, one tends to feel full immediately. It also helps slow down the food's movement so hunger is kept at bay longer. The great news is all the nutritive content of food may still be absorbed because no part of the intestines is bypassed.

Certain prerequisites have to be met before the individual is considered as a candidate to undergo such. He or she has to be 18 and above, with a BMI of 40 or greater than that. Those who have medical conditions which may see improvement with weight loss are also good candidates, like overweight people with hypertension, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and diabetes.

There are also potential complications involved with lap band surgery New Jersey specialists carry out. They include ulcers, acid reflux, device slippage, infections and internal bleeding. It's important to ensure the surgeon is board-certified and has successfully performed the operation many times.

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